Morse & CW

updated on 04/28/2020

Maritime Morse & CW History
Chatham Marconi Maritime Center
Inland Marine Radio History
Marconi Radio Site
Merchant Navy Nostalgia
Ode to a Silent Key
Radio Officers Assn
Ship Nostalgia
Ship Photos
Ship Tracker
Ship's Radio Rooms
Sounds of a Spark Transmitter
Wireless PhotoGallery
ZZZ end of radiotelegraphy

Landline & Railroad Telegraphy
Wired Telegraphy


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Collections of Keys
Development of the Morse Key
MilRadio Key Collection
MorseMad - many links
N0UF's Key Collection
Telegraph Museum - W1TP
Vibroplex serial numbers - WW7P
Vibroplex historical advertisements

American Key Manufacturers
Vibroplex© - Keys, Bugs, Paddles
VIZKEY - Keys, Bugs, Paddles

Learning and Using Morse Code
Learning and Operating CW - text K6DBG
USAFI Basic Code Course - well proven by USAF
LCWO (Learn CW Online)
Practice W1AW AA9PW
Computer Learning
   Just Learn Morse Code - free download