AM Information
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updated 03/30/2018

Amplitude Modulation (AM) was once the main voice mode in amateur radio.  Now it is now considered an optional operating mode offering a considerable shot of nostalgia.

AM offers a warm, rich audio quality that is very pleasurable to listen to.  AM also provides the opportunity (necessity) to build, rebuild, modify, adapt, and get your hands dirty while experimenting with radio equipment. If you are interested in having some real "hands-on" fun with Amateur Radio, try the following links:

AM Radio Network
AM Window
Jim Hawkins Radio and Broadcast Technology  - great collection of AM history
AM Modulation Monitor - K7DYY
Quarter Century Wireless Association
WA5BXO AM Op - AM web page with projects and more
W3AM - AM from south FL
WA2WHV Online - Pictures and information on a 160 meter AM station

Popular frequencies for AM operation
160 Meters: 1885, 1900, 1945, 1985
75 Meters: 3825, 3870 (West Coast), 3880, 3885
40 Meters: 7175, 7290, 7295
20 Meters: 14286
17 Meters: 18150
15 Meters: 21285
10 Meters: 29000-29100