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This list updated on
February  18, 2018

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International Firefighters Net 14.300 2000 UTC daily controlled
SAP INT'L RADIO NET 29.400 0200 UTC Sun controlled
RV Radio Net 7.230 0900 ET daily controlled
Friends of Bill W. 21.350 1130 ET daily controlled
International DX Club 14.260 1000 ET daily controlled
QCWA 14.347 1100 ET Friday controlled
Uncle Herb's Dew Drop Inn 21.300 1200 ET M-S controlled
The Friendly Net 14.222 1400 ET M-F controlled
WA1YNE Ministry 14.222 1430 ET Sun discussion
Hoosier Hospitality Net 7.150 1900 ET Daily round table
the Not Real Radio Net 3.975 2000 +/- ET daily round table
Christian Network (various) 3.855 2030 ET daily controlled
RV Radio Net 7.230 2030 ET daily controlled
Old Crab Net 3955 2030 ET Tue, Fri round table
SAP (Send a Picture) 29.400 2100 ET Sat controlled
Hoot Owl Net 7.242 2130 ET M-F controlled
ONTARS 3.755 0700 ET   simulcast
Waterway Net 7.268 0745 ET   simulcast
Voice Calling Frequency 14.200      
CW Calling Frequency 14.058      
CW Code Practice Beacons 14.030   and other freq.  
PSK 14.070   Sun voice on 14.104

NOTICE: Start Times may vary from season to season!