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Menu settings used at W2BLC for armchair copy on 160/75/40 meters:

The following are the settings I am using on 40, 75, 160 for armchair copy (meaning very reduced hiss and no ANF warbling). My RX audio goes through amplified Behringer studio speakers with bass/treble adjustments.

The speaker adjustments:  bass at 3 o'clock and the treble at 11 o'clock

K3 settings (Config Menu):
    AGC HLD - 0
    AGC SLP - 4 to 6 (low setting reduces artifacts from the Automatic Notch Filter)
    AGC THR - 12
    AGC F -       120
    AGC S -       20
    Shift -          1.25
    Width -        2.7
    RF Gain -    90 (sometimes less)
    ATT -           ON
    RX EQ         1        -2
                         2        0
                         3        +9
                         4        +12
                         5        +11
                         6        +14
                         7        +7
                         8        -16

Be sure to read the "Noisy K3" section on  http://www.w3fpr.com/ - excellent information!

The disclaimer:  Your mileage for the above settings may vary - depending upon speaker selection, personal preferences, and your hearing acuity.

Note:  I made all of my settings by hand, using the K3 menus. I did NOT use K3 EZ as that program will sometimes upset the AGC settings.

Bill W2BLC